Receiving your Painting

Hey there! This page exists to clarify and illustrate a few things so you have a clear picture of what you’ll be getting!

I’m just as excited as you are about getting you your painting. 

First. let’s make sure that we’re looking at the right order.  The name on the following line should be your first name. If it is not, please contact Ori immediately.


The initial video and order form had given a few options, and the intake form had given a few more.  So this page will show you in detail what all of them are, so you can get the perfect option for you.
The first thing I’d like to go over is the difference between the branded and unbranded options. The section above shows you what you ordered, and if you’d like to make any changes to your order, you can do that farther down the page.


For $100 you get an image that’s got a small The Art of Ori logo and is 1800 pixels on the larger axis (or on both axis if you choose a square image) – which should print nicely up to 7″x9″ (or 9″x9″ if square).


For $150 you get an image that has no logo and is 210 pixels on the larger axis (or on both axis if you choose a square image) – which should print nicely up to 8″x10″ (or 10″x10″ if square).

The above images are at full resolution (but are displayed smaller to keep this page pretty and easy to peruse). You can save them, zoom in, print them, etc… They are displayed in the correct proportion to each other, so you can see the unbranded ones are about 16% larger.

This can help you get a feel for the size that your image will be, allow you to look for frames, etc…

The image of me not knowing how to properly hold an Upright Bass shows an 8″x10″ print inside a frame.  The unbranded paintings should print at that size without issue. 

The branded ones might lose a little of their sharpness at that size, but should be very crisp at 5″x7″

Want to add a pet?

No problem – I’ll just need reference photos of your pet, as well as the description of the interaction (there’s happily hugging…. but you’re not limited to reality – you can be riding a horse-sized version of your pet).

Adding a pet is $60

Want to add a second person?

No problem – I’ll just need reference photos of them, and some pictures of both of you together so I know the size relationship between you.

Adding a second person is $100

Many people wanted a canvas for their walls.  Having an epic social media profile picture is one thing, but having a magnificent work of art that starts a conversation every time someone walks into the room is another thing. Or if you are creating this as a gift for someone else, then a canvas is the way to go.

These are museum grade and gallery-stretched, so they are ready to hang, and will last more than a lifetime (scientifically tested to last 200 years if kept out of direct sunlight, so you can pass these down a few generations)

Here are images of the sizes available:

Adding a 16″x20″ gallery stretched canvas is $350.

Adding a 24″x30″ gallery stretched canvas is $750

 And originally adding a 32″x40″ was $2,160, but I’ve brought it down to $1,500 as I want more people to enjoy these larger sizes as they give me the room to squeeze in so much more detail and texture.

Since the above were photographed from different angles and phones, here is a chart.

 Your painting can be created in a landscape (horizontal), portrait (vertical) , or  square orientation.  

To make this even more accessible, I am also offering a 2-payment plan at no additional cost.

Order Form: