Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. These make amazing gifts.  So whether you want to have a portrait done of someone, and give them the final version.... Or whether you want to gift them the Portrait Experience (where they get to submit their reference material and choose how the painting of them should look), the portrait commissions are yours to do with as you please.

There are 2 kinds of paintings available - with watermark, and without.  The dropdown on the form below lets you select up to 10 of each, since some people will want some with watermarks, and some without. Technically there are no limits, but do be courteous as there are only 100 available, and others will want to participate as well.

Yes. Reserve your spot today, before they run out.  And before we start you will have the opportunity to get prints at 16x20, 24x30, 32x40, and even larger should you want.  

If you are interested in a print of your portrait, just check the box on the form below.

Prints are available on high quality photo paper or on Museum Grade Gallery Stretched Canvas.

Only one person per portrait. But you can get multiple portraits in very similar style.

Making one person accurately is hard work. Multiple people takes longer, and then getting the proportions between them accurately is even tougher. 

Difficulty is not a problem- but I will be making 100 portraits, so one at a time please.

The 100 portrait project will begin after December 9th - once I get back from Art Basel. 

After that the timeframe for each portrait depends on a few things. 

  1. This is first come first serve.
  2. Remember, I'm doing 100 of these.
  3. I've been training hard for over a decade with my daily art, so I can do these pretty quickly-= especially with the digital versions and limited sizes.
  4. My goal is to finish all 100 by March.
  5. It also depends on how quickly you come up with your idea of what you want for your portrait, how quickly you gather the reference photos (this is pretty easy), and how many changes you want...  Each change takes time.

Using the form below you can pay with:
Credit Card
Cash App.

Credit cards are processed directly. If you are using any of the other methods, you need to send payment, and fill out from what account the payment came from on the form below.

Yes. Don't stress. This is a fun process of collaboration between us.  You send me reference photos and your idea, I send you a concept, and you help guide me to the perfect image.

However, don't try to take advantage or be a jerk about it. 

Pick one concept per portrait (and you can get multiple portraits), and let's get that concept dialed in together.

Currently I am not guaranteeing it.  

The portraits offered here are one person per portrait. Each pet can slow the process down, and I do have 100 people that I am responsible to.

That said, when you send me your painting request, and reference material, include portraits of your pet, and I will see what I can do.  I've painted countless pets, and hopefully I can accommodate your request.

But, if your pet not being included is a deal breaker, then good luck to you, and I wish you well.

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