Thanks for filling all that out, {Name on order (First):4.3}!

Now I know exactly what to make, and at exactly what size (and trust me, size really matters).

Just make sure that you’ve submitted a whole bunch of reference images for me at this Google Drive folder that I made just for you: {Your Google Drive Folder for images:180} {Your Google Drive Folder for images:186}

They don’t have to be professional photos, I just need variety. Though, the higher the resolution (without you enlarging it), the better… and please try to get images that are in focus, and not too compressed. Different facial expressions, different outfits, different backgrounds…. The more pictures, the better. 20-40 is generally a really good amount.

If you chose to add a 2nd person and / or a pet, the same applies for references of them.

I can’t wait to make your painting!