The Girl Who Doesn't Frazzle

a painting by Ori Bengal

Tia and Ori connected recently, and quickly they could tell that they had a lot in common: A passion for being entertainers, an appreciation for the power of words, and a penchant for doing the things that others may think of as scary or impossible.  

When Tia found out that Ori was going to attend the TEDx event in person, she suggested they each make art pieces of each other, and he agreed.  Now Ori had even more reasons to ask random questions and get to know this amazing author, speaker, entrepreneur, badass.

Ori’s specialty is to take someone’s life story – hopes, dreams, accomplishments, likes, and more…. And weave it into an epic fantasy painting that is bold and colorful and interesting as you are. A big part of his process is research, which is often in the form of asking questions (but biographies, youtube, and reaching out to peoples’ friends in secret are not unusual). Ori included everything that Tia told him about herself: important occupations that shaped her path, goals, likes, passions.  The one thing that he did not include was that she was studying law before she got into DJing and being a radio personality.

There are 17 things that Ori included in the painting- and you can also count this as a primer on Tia herself.   After learning about this masterpiece’s muse, you can find out about the artist – who is also no chopped liver (chopped liver could never be this interesting). and download his art book for free.

Tia is racecar certified:
She can kick your butt in Formula 1, Nascar, and street racing. She learned at a real racing school, and this happened because she got the top score at a driving simulator at a bar.
Tia was a club DJ
Back before it was normal to see women DJ'ing.
Tia was a radio personality
For well over a decade, Tia was able to interact with listeners all over. Her favorite shift was the early afternoon shift.
Tia is an author
Tia's words can be found in "Business Tips From the Trenches: Expert Advice to Start Your Small Business or Side Hustle" & "Approaching the Red Circle Carpet" - she writes for She Talks Mag online & is their lifestyle editor.
Tia is a public speaker
Tia is a professional speaker who's been entertaining for decades through radio & public engagements. She's stood on many stages in front of tens of thousands of people in sold-out arenas including TEDx.
Tia is a pilot
While she may not have completed all the hours required for her pilot's license, Tia was training for it, and has flown Piper aircraft.
Tia love Philadelphia
When asked what places are significant to her, Philadelphia came in at number one.
Tia has a thing for....
French music and food.... and while she has never been, she can't wait to make it out to Paris.
Tia loves Saints....
The football team from New Orleans (our conversation did not delve into regular saints)... and she's in love with their emblem, the Fleur-de-lis.
Tia has a vibe....
It's classic Hollywood. Take Marilyn Monroe, Veronica Lake, and throw some Boho Chic into the mix, and you might be talking about Tia.
Tia is always wearing....
Dark Purple Lipstick.
Tia's favorite number....
Tia's first tattoo was....
A Four-Leaf Clover.
Tia loves....
The Moon and The Stars.
A tough choice for Tia....
Tia loves fur coats. She also loves full length pink gloves. Choosing between the two is a coin-flip.
Just The Tip
Tia has over 100,000 subscribers in her well recognized "Tips From Tia" tips blog.
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Ori Bengal is a creative force of nature. He paints, sculpts, carves, welds, plays with his food, solves business problems… If something is placed in his attention, he will apply inhuman amounts of creativity towards it… Although most who meet him remember him for his ability to brighten the day with his kindness, uniqueness, and bad jokes just as much, if not more than for his art.

Bengal’s obsession with story telling and people has landed him a reputation for making people cry when they receive a work from him, due to his ability to understand what is special to each person. His reputation also spans his work ethic and dedication – despite being a lifelong artist, Ori has created a new work of art daily for over 4,000 days, and continues to push himself towards ongoing improvement.

He says, “I strive to live an adventure worth telling,” and accordingly his life plays out like an action-comedy, where he does the outrageous:

Bull-poker, Couchsurfing for 6 years, competing in the world championships of pun-slinging, and most recently Ori landed his portfolio on the moon with Galactic Legacy Labs, SpaceX, and Intuitive Machines on the very first commercial lunar landing in all of human history. His work was the very first NFT distributed to and collected by British Parliament at the House of Lords, he has done work with such legends as Alice Cooper, Snoop Dogg, Scott Page, David Copperfield, William Shatner, and has helped such foundations as Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation, Miss America, and the Rodney King foundation, and is always seeking ways to use his powers for good.

Ori has worked with just about every medium of art that there is, including holograms, photography, videography, motion graphics, 3D, fashion/print/web design, NFT, and Augmented Reality. He can create work any size (from stamp to a building-sized mural), and having the diverse tech and design background that he does, can output the work in multiple formats to solve any commercial need, not just beautiful and creative portraits.

305.528.5583 / /  / Instagram: @TheArtOfOri 

It's not a Painting - It's an Experience!

Excitement, tears of joy, bliss, even forgetting how to speak in non-expletives…. Receiving a painting by Ori is an experience, often remembered for life. Here are a couple of pretty typical reactions:

You are on this page because you have a limited edition Artwork.

That means that you are someone who went to one of the rare events that I left the studio for, and we met in person. That tells me a lot about you as a person.

That may sound cliché or like some line, but I assure you, seeing me out in the wild is not a common occurrence.  I go when there are events that allow me to be inspired and meet inspiring people that are intelligent go-getters that tend to want to leave a positive impact in the world. These are the people I like in my life, and these are the people I like to work with.

So whether you want to put my skills to use  for jaw-dropping art that leaves a lifelong impression (for yourself or others), or you need some hyper-creativity to solve your business struggles.

To work with me, you need to secure a creativity session:

This is a 2 hour block of time (split up into a few sessions) where we delve into the details that will make a difference, you provide the reference material, and you even get a concept image (if having a painting made).  You will receive 20% off of your painting, and your creativity session fees will be credited towards your final painting when you want to proceed with one.

*Make sure you download the art book above to get inspiration for some of what Ori can do for you!