Art That's (literally) Out of This World!

Ori Bengal is a creative force of nature. He paints, sculpts, carves, welds, plays with his food, solves business problems… 

If something is placed in his attention, he will apply inhuman amounts of creativity towards it…

Although most who meet him remember him for his ability to brighten the day with his kindness, uniqueness, and bad jokes just as much, if not more than for his art (which is unforgettable!)

Welcome to his website!

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Yes, Ori’s art is on the (literal) moon…
But that’s not nearly his proudest achievement

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Ori's primary focus is working with foundations to help them with their philanthropic works.

He ties story-telling, research, and mastery to create large, bold, vivid masterpieces that are designed to raise more funds.

Ori's background in marketing and consulting allow him to find new channels of revenue for foundations without them needing to reinvent the wheel.

Ori's Process

Ori Bengal’s artistic process is a blend of meticulous research, boundless creativity, and personal connection. Each piece begins with an in-depth conversation with the client, where Ori gathers stories, interests, and unique elements that define the subject. He then dives into detailed research to ensure every aspect is authentic and meaningful. Whether it’s for a person, a foundation, an album cover, it’s a mix of not sleeping, experimenting, thinking, and digging deep to find the right composition, theme, and symbols that will make the art resonate with its designated audience.

Below are a few timelapse videos to show how the images on the left came to be:

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Album Covers

When it comes to an album cover or track-art, Ori’s research begins with listening to the tracks and getting a feel for the vibe. He then reads the lyrics (if there are words), and looks for themes, symbols, stories, and ponders what images come to mind that tell that story.

Album Cover by Ori Bengal
Album Cover by Ori Bengal
Album Cover by Ori Bengal