Kelly-Celements“He’s the first artist to make me understand what it’s like to fall in love with art. His work is the epitome of heart and soul and charisma. It’s playful and energetic and spunky and, well, it’s Ori.”

Kelly Clements – Chicago, Illinois.

“He’s the first artist to make me understand what it’s like to fall in love with art. His work is the epitome of heart and soul and charisma. It’s playful and energetic and spunky and, well, it’s Ori.”

He’s the first artist to make me understand what it’s like to fall in love with art. His work is the epitome of heart and soul and charisma. It’s playful and energetic and spunky and, well, it’s Ori.

Kelly Clements

Chicago, IL, The Entreprenewer





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Ori Bengal Strip of Paintings

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Ori Bengal Strip of Paintings


My name is Ori Bengal. I’m a goofball, an animal lover, adventurer, and artist… Though, it took 34 years for me to realize that i was put on this planet create beautiful art. Once I did that, I started creating a new work of art every single day, no matter what.


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Born in Israel in 1976, Ori Bengal was always doodling, but never considered a career in art. He thought he’d grow up and make cartoons (after being an astronaut, or a veterinarian).

His father had a passion for electronic engineering and science fiction, and thus Ori’s childhood was filled with Science Fiction novels as bedtime stories. Ori was the only 7 year old on the block to have his own soldering iron, and by By 6th grade, Ori was building computers from scratch.

On his 9th birthday, Ori’s parents relocated the whole family to the USA, where Ori learned English by watching cartoons. Wanting to make them became a bit of an obsession- he taught himself animation and 3D, and took jobs that would advance his abilities to create (like working at CompUSA to get wholesale cost on computer parts, or video editing gigs to have access to high-end 3D programs).

Ori would draw and paint for fun, and in 2000, a girlfriend talked him into doing an art show…. He jumped on the first one he found, it was one of those art-walk events that most cities have, and none of the 20 people that walked by that night bought anything, so he thought himself a failure as an artist. He stopped drawing… Although he kept doing creative things: Video editing, 3D animation, graphic design, and eventually landed in Photography.

He lived a bit of a rock-and-roll lifestyle – photographing lingerie models and parties in South Beach… Going on random adventures…. Most of his friends had regular jobs, and couldn’t go along. So, in 2006, when his lease was going to expire, he gave away his stuff (except for laptop, a suitcase of clothes, and a camera), and went Couchsurfing for 6 adventure-filled years, where he stayed with everyone from UFC cage fighters to the CEO of, everyone in between, and their pets.

Staying with hundreds of people allowed Ori to discover a lot about himself, and about people in general — as well as to jump out of planes, go to NASCAR Races, attend Burning Man, do public speaking, play bull-poker, and have countless other adventures.

In 2011, while couch surfing in Maui, a friend took Ori to the art galleries in Lahaina. Ori didn’t want to go (thinking it would be boring and snooty), but as soon as he set foot into the first gallery, he was addicted. By the 5th gallery, he felt heartbreak and regret about having abandoned creating art… Since then Ori’s been creating a new work of art every single day, no matter what.

Ori’s obsession with creating has taken him from drawing, to painting, to sculpting in all forms, to carving, and welding, to 3D, and he’s always exploring new techniques and materials.

Everything came full circle… Ori’s obsession with science fiction and electronics has led him to futuristic technologies (such as using 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC Routers, and more) blended with his obsession with mastery and creation, and his love of the world’s furry friends.

His work is unique, collected in multiple countries around the world , transcends any particular medium, and represents Ori’s Ori’s own sense of playfulness, passion, and freedom.


April 22nd is the day that I started my daily art discipline. I originally started it for accountability (I figured that somewhere out there is some ass-hat just waiting to mock me for missing a day… Failing to do my daily art). No one (including yours truly) had any idea that it would keep going for so long.

April 23rd is day 1 of my 5th year of daily art!

I’ve blown off friends, blown off sleep, even kicked girls out of bed in order to not miss a single day of creating art!

This is way more meaningful to me than any birthday, holiday, or any of my past accomplishments!

Rather than go out for cake and drinks though, I’m celebrating by having a big sale!


Because for an artist (at least for this artist) there is no greater honor than their art becoming part of someone’s home… Knowing that a work of art brings joy / peace / beauty /emotion to a collector, and their guests.

I don’t have children… But my creations are what I proudly release into the world.

So… Making sure that you can get art that you are in love with is how I get the feeling that I’m putting something good into the world. And there’s no better way that I’d rather celebrate anything amazing.

Ori Bengal Strip of Paintings


Different people want different things, so there’s a little something for everyone….

Scroll below to read what’s offered, and hear from some of the people who’ve taken the plunge before you:



Fetch – Dog painting by Ori Bengal

I bought one of Ori’s earlier pieces, a dog chasing a ball. It captures the joy and passion that dogs have, that we can aspire to. I bought it when my wife was battling cancer, as she loved the piece when Ori posted it on Facebook. I’m not saying that Ori’s art cures cancer, but I did buy the piece, and my wife did beat her cancer.

I constantly get praise on the beautiful art whenever people come visit. I also keep it in the background of all my videos. It just brings happiness and energy. Ori was kind enough to ship the art all the way to Scotland. I’d suggest you get some of his original art, where ever in the world you are

Phil Henderson

Glassgow, Scottland


A carefully selected assortment of some of the absolute best pieces from the four years of creating art.  These look so much better in person than what you see on your screen.  The prices are 50% off the regular price, and, the more you get, the more you save.

The Melting Dog – Painting by Ori Bengal

Ori Bengal puts the “Art” in “Heart”. Over the years I have acquired art from many artists… But it’s only Ori Bengal whose art I have in every room in my house. I first bought art from Ori because he was helping a charity by giving away his animal art.  I’ve seen him donate his art to many more charities.

My heart is my great danes. When my girl, Rain, was very sick, Ori made a painting of her in my favorite pose.  Thankfully, Rain recovered since… But now if anything happens to her, I have a treasured memory of her.  It hangs over my bed – and it is so unique- with texture, and metal flakes, it shimmers from different angles.

The Giraffe With a Mustache - by Ori Bengal

The Giraffe With a Mustache – by Ori Bengal

I own not only animal art from Ori, but also humans.  Not just paintings, but also sculptures.  My brother has even commissioned a few pieces from Ori.

Ori’s art brings joy to me, and all who see it.  I am not just proud to own all the pieces that I do have, but also of Ori for his ongoing dedication to improving his craft every single day for so many years, and still going strong.

Angela W Stillwell

Pine Mountain, GA


You get a painting of whatever you can think of. Ori can create anything from imagination, or photo reference.  You are not limited to a portrait or to reality.  This special also includes the creation of your art, and you get it on a 24×32″ Canvas (upgrades available for larger sizes)


Ori’s dedication to his craft is unlike anyone I’ve ever met.  I’m proud to have some of Ori’s earliest pieces, as well as some of his latest.

I flew Ori here to do a portrait of my wife. It was a wonderful experience getting to have the artist here- as compared to just buying from a gallery, or online.

I travel the country and visit many galleries and museums, but I’ve yet to see a style as unique as Ori’s – his art really speaks to me.. and having a 9 foot by 4 foot painting of his in my new office, his art also speaks to my clients.

I suggest you get some Ori originals and portraits, and I highly recommend the Ori-Experience.


Roger Bryan

Akron, Ohio


Art is personal.  This is the most personal art experience you can get. Ori will come to your home, and get to truly get to know you (and yours). Ori will bring his professional camera, and use his award winning photography skills to capture the best possible reference material for your painting.  You get a painting of the subject of your choice at 30×40″ on canvas (many people choose portraits, but there are no limits at all on subject matter). If you’ve got some cool adventures, Ori will even stay longer 🙂



Ori Bengal Strip of Paintings

Mach The Shark – painting by Ori Bengal

I have multiple sculptures (ceramic, metal, wood) and many large paintings by Ori Bengal in my home.  Ori’s art has raised thousands for my favorite charity.

My niece and nephew keep wanting to take my painting (by Ori) of a shark, ‘Mach’ – and I always tell them they can battle it out after I pass away. It is my prized possession.

Sara Patuel

Austin, TX

Ori Bengal Strip of Paintings
e=lsd-einstein painting by Ori Bengal

E=LSD – Einstein Portrait by Ori Bengal

I follow Ori’s work closely on Facebook and enjoy seeing his pieces. I’ve admired quite a few and have come close to purchasing, but when I saw E=LSD, my heart dropped into my stomach, and I knew that I couldn’t let it go anywhere but to my home. 

Being a member of MENSA, having a painting or photo of Einstein on the wall of one’s office seems almost obligatory, but at 49 yrs old, I hadn’t found one that “called” to me, so I’ve never had one. That all changed that fateful day!!

Ori was a delight to work with as far as getting the piece finished and here was concerned. He seemed so excited to tell me all about the processes, and I was very interested to hear it. The packing job was amazing – Ori made sure NOTHING was going to happen to it, that’s for sure!

I love my E=LSD. I am as in love with it as the day it got here. Even more so, actually. The love and appreciation for it has deepened with time.

Jeryl Massini-Ryan

Jeryl Massini-Ryan

East Haven, CT

Ori Bengal Strip of Paintings

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Ori Bengal Strip of Paintings

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