Majestic – 32″x40″ Limited Edition of 10

The lion is majestic.  He is the king of the Jungle. Seeing them walk is awe-inspiring.  Hearing them roar can inspire fear.  The lion is a fierce, and stunningly beautiful creature.

I have always been fascinated with these amazing creatures. They have provided me inspiration for decades- and after those decades, finally, this painting has come to be.

Now you can own one of 10 hand-signed limited edition copies of this painting.
40″ x32″ on Loose Canvas (Framing available)

He's the first artist to make me understand what it's like to fall in love with art. His work is the epitome of heart and soul and charisma. It's playful and energetic and spunky and, well, it's Ori.

Kelly Clements

Chicago, IL, The Entreprenewer