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Artist / Philanthropist / Speaker / Investor


Ori Bengal: A Force of Creative Nature


You can’t spell “Originality” without “Ori” – and that is no coincidence! Ori Bengal is a creative powerhouse whose originality knows no bounds. Sought after globally for his ability to bring the inconceivable to life, Ori is the go-to artist for projects that defy description – like translating an entire life story into a single epic painting, or translating ayahuasca visions, dreams, and spiritual advice into a single, breathtaking painting. He’s also the artist to hire when you want a piece that is truly like no other.


Ori’s artistic repertoire is as diverse as it is impressive. He paints, sculpts, carves, welds, solves business problems, and even plays with his food, applying inhuman levels of creativity to everything that crosses his path. But it’s not just his art that leaves a lasting impression. Those who meet Ori are equally charmed by his kindness, unique personality, and infamous bad jokes.


Remarkably, Ori didn’t realize he was an artist until the age of 35. At that point he created a new work of art every single day for over 4,000 days, showcasing his unparalleled dedication and work ethic. His obsession with storytelling and people has earned him a reputation for creating deeply personal pieces that often move recipients to tears, but always leave a lifelong emotional impact.


Ori’s mantra, “I strive to live an adventure worth telling,” is evident in his bizarre action-adventure life. From spending six years as a couch surfer to playing bull poker and exploring advanced psychonautics, Ori’s experiences are as colorful as his artwork. Most recently, he made history by landing his portfolio on the (literal) moon with Galactic Legacy Labs, SpaceX, and Intuitive Machines.


His impressive client list includes legends like Alice Cooper, Snoop Dogg, David Copperfield, and William Shatner. Ori’s work was the first NFT distributed to and collected by British Parliament at the House of Lords. Always seeking to use his powers for good, he’s contributed to foundations such as Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation, Miss America, and the Rodney King Foundation, with philanthropy being his primary focus.


A captivating (and unforgettable) speaker, Ori shares insights on pursuing passion, new beginnings, cutting edge AI usage, fostering creativity, the importance of embracing art, and honoring one’s own truth . His mastery spans numerous mediums, including holograms, photography, videography, 3D, clay, paints, Augmented Reality, and the written and spoken word. From postage stamps to building-sized murals, Ori’s versatility knows no limits.


Discover more about this one-of-a-kind artist at TheArtOfOri.com and across social media platforms as TheArtOfOri. Prepare to be inspired, amazed, and quite possibly moved to tears by the extraordinary world of Ori Bengal.


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Ori Bengal specializes in creating art that deeply resonates with its recipients. Through meticulous research and thoughtful questioning, he uncovers what is truly significant and meaningful about his subjects. This understanding allows him to craft bold, vivid, and hyper-detailed epic fantasy scenes that tell comprehensive stories—whether it’s an individual’s life journey, a cause, a company, or a year of traveling the world. His art, rich in personal significance, often becomes a treasured possession, valued for its emotional depth and storytelling.

Media and Appearances​:

Ori Bengal is an engaging and entertaining guest who brings humor, surprises, and deep insights to every show. Known for his dynamic storytelling, Ori can’t be stumped and tailors his stories to fit the audience. He discusses finding life purpose, boosting creativity, embracing passion, marketing, generative AI, and adventures. Filled with wit and wisdom, his appearances leave audiences motivated and inspired. Ori’s ability to connect and entertain makes him a perfect fit for podcasts, radio, and TV shows.

Hero Up Podcast

Episode 09

Creatives Save The World.

Season 1 Finale.

NeuroBytes Podcast – How to become an AI Artist

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Bacon Wrapped Business –
NFT Strategies for Authors, Experts, and Artists.

American Snippets – #38:
Passion / Purpose / Art 

Hustle and Flowchart:
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Artists on. With Blake Baker – Episode 01

Be Way Better Podcast –
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Public Speaking

Ori Bengal is an inspiring and engaging public speaker known for his thought-provoking and entertaining presentations. He captivates audiences with his dynamic storytelling and deep insights, covering topics such as finding your life purpose, new beginnings, boosting creativity, embracing passion, marketing, generative AI, and adventures. Ori’s talks are filled with personal anecdotes, humor, and practical advice, leaving his listeners motivated and inspired to take action in their own lives. His ability to connect with people on a profound level makes him a sought-after speaker at events and conferences.

AI Bot Summit
Las Vegas. 2022

Pure Momentum – for CEOs of 9 figure companies.

AI Bot Summit
Orlando. 2023

Cap City Comedy
Austin, TX 2011

140 Conference:
Los Angeles 2016

140 Conference:
  Iowa 2011

Presenting to YPO
Ann Arbor, MI – 12/2021

140 Conference:
Detroit 2010

Useful Questions:

  1. When did you discover you know you were an artist?
  2. Is your art REALLY on the moon?
  3. How many consecutive days in a row have you made art?
  4.  What makes your art unique?
  5. I hear you specialize in creating mind-blowing art in short amounts of time. Can you give an example?
  6. What are some of the most memorable reactions you’ve received from clients when unveiling their art?
  7. What got you into making art in the first place?
  8. What medium do you use?
  9. I hear you have an unusual slogan. What is it, and where did it come from?
  10. What is your focus now?
  11. What began your philanthropic venture?
  12. Any particularly moving art pieces and the stories around them?
  13. How do you leverage technology?
  14. Are you concerned that AI is going to replace artists?
  15. What made you decide to embrace Generative AI?
  16. How many other careers have you had besides being an artist?