It’s easy. Send a few photos, tell me if you’ve got any colors/styles in mind, approve the concept, receive your one of a kind pet portrait in the mail, hang it on a wall, spend a lifetime enjoying it.

Ori’s painting of Webber is my prized possession!

Jason Moffatt – Maui, Hawaii


Typical reactions to receiving a one of a kind painting by Ori

Whether you want to surprise your loved one, honor a human or pet that has passed, or have the most unique selfie, Ori Bengal, an artist, has got you covered.

All of Ori’s portraits are museum grade — they will easily last 100 years!

It’s not just that it will last that makes it special… It is that it is a one of a kind, vivid capture of what really matters. Those that receive it (even you) will know that it is a one of a kind, and was made with love, not just purchased from Amazon.

All you need to get started is a photo or two, and you can bring someone (even yourself) this level of joy.


I had Ori paint our dog Kash, as a surprise for my wife. When it arrived, (well packaged) she was stunned! She had tears of joy! She said “this one is going to the framer right away so we can get it on the wall!” It looks fantastic!

When we had a 25th Wedding Anniversary party (outside) Shelly offered a tour of our house, built with our own hands. About 75 people lined up to tour, and each one froze in their place as they passed the portrait. They had to stop and stare at it.

We received many great comments about the painting, and afterwards Shelly kept saying, “did you see all the people looking at that picture?”

So it not only is dear to our heart, but captured the attention of all who enter our home!

Now we adopted Kash the Dog’s real brother after 8 years, so we want to have Ori create another dog masterpiece to hang next to our first one.

Thanks Ori!

Thomas Fouts

South Haven, Michigan




Ori’s painting of my cat Dexter is not only beautiful, but it has actually helped me through the grieving process of losing him. The colors Ori used are striking and the visual style makes for an intriguing art piece I’m happy to display in my living room. I’d recommend him (and have) for anyone who wants a beautiful portrait of their pet.

Palyn Peterson

Colorado Springs, Colorado


My sister has a many rooms full of incredible Ori art. I’ve got 2 Ori pieces for my house, have commissioned Ori to paint for my daughter, and recently, I surprised my son with an incredible portrait of our dog, Domino Blue, which I had Ori paint. It was a huge hit. People compare the lighting and colors to works by Renoir.

D.j. Williams

Augusta, GA




Ori Bengal has been creating art his whole life, but in April of 2012, he started creating art every single day; He has not missed a day since.

His works are collected around the globe. He is known for his vibrant colors and ability to capture personality. 

His works have raised tens of thousands of dollars for charity, and have become the prized possessions in many homes. 



$ 600


$ 900


$ 1200

The larger the painting, the more detail and texture can be given to it.

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