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32″x40″ is the perfect size to take peoples’ breath away. Like this couple, which was surprised by a giant package, containing a painting that immortalizes their love.

32″x40″ is large enough to start a conversation when someone walks into the room. 

It is hard to miss, yet quite tasteful.

Your painting will look great from across the room, but will be filled with color and texture, to give a visual treat for the eyes from up close.


How this works?

The process is simple. Once you pay your $500 deposit, Ori will contact you via email. 

 You need to submit reference photos of the subject as a basis for the painting. Ori can help you choose which will work best.

You can choose your preferred colors and style. Ori will create the painting, and email you a digital proof. 

Once you approve of the proof you will need to pay the remaining $400 + Shipping, and your painting will be shipped to you.

This is a collaborative process, and your input will help create the best possible painting.

These are created on a a first come first served basis.

You are limited to two characters (humans and/or animals) in your painting. Additional characters take additional time and will be billed for.

The process generally looks like this:

Human Examples

Pet Examples