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The Muse On The Pier – Open Edition Print


After reading Steven Pressfield’s book “The War of Art” – I learned that by doing my daily art, I’ve gotten good at summoning The Muse – and so I thought I’d paint her. This is how I see the beauty that inspires me to create every day.

The Muse On The Pier- Painting by Ori Bengal

The image to the left is there so you can zoom in, and see that there is so much more detail there.   The full image, of course is this size.

The image was inspired by The Muse — as I tried to ponder what would a muse look like, I borrowed the Greek’s notion that it is a woman…  To me, it seemed she was fluid, with all sorts of colors and shapes swirling around.  She’s a bit ethereal, and herself has an appreciation for beauty and nature.

This is one of my favorite pieces, and everyone I’ve shown it to has had an emotional response to it.  Which is why I shared it in the entry-editions, so everyone can enjoy her.

This is the open-edition.  It is not numbered, printed on a thick photo paper, which is very vibrant and durable, but is not a giclee print.

If you are looking for the hand-signed, textured fine art collector’s edition, you can find that here.

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