Dear Art Lover,


I’ve had many people get upset with me for not giving them more time for this special.  It is very hard to choose which paintings to hang on your wall, and I’m not giving you all that much time to choose.  Which would you want on YOUR wall?

The reason that I gave less than two weeks of time is because it took me so much time to narrow down the over 2,036 works of art that I have done over these last 4 years into a manageable amount!

First of all…. A lot of time went back and forth about “How many pieces go on special?”

Then there was the “What specials should be given?”

Then a solution showed up finally!  After much sleep deprivation it finally hit me!  I”ll just offer five pieces, in honor of entering year 5 of my daily (and not daily) art!

All that has to be chosen is the best of each year and then a bonus one… You’ll receive a discount for each additional print you get, and if you get 4, on top of the discounts, you get the 5th one free.

And then I nearly gave up on this promo all together…

It was too hard to choose the 5 best pictures from over 2,036 pieces!  I hate admitting defeat, but… I just couldn’t do it.

After all that time staring at every piece, I quit whittling down  at the top 3 for each year, and 3 bonus images.  So… if I’ve got typos, it’s because I spent days upon days staring at art, so that you don’t have to spend weeks of your time trying to choose.. and now my brain is slightly mush.

And now…..


The Muse On The Pier

In this painting I was trying to capture tranquility, peace, and that great feeling you get dipping your toes in the water with nature all around.  It’s the times that we are relaxed, and enjoying nature that we find inspiration.

I came up with the muse character after listening to Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art” (a fantastic book that I recommend that every person on the planet listen to).  The muse comes to us and inspires us to create masterpieces that will be remembered long after we will.

I picture the muse as a beautiful woman that’s made of many colors,


Your Own One Of A Kind – Custom Commission