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Here’s a selection from my body of works to give you a taste of what I do… More awesomeness coming to your inbox.

This was the book cover for the book I put out for my 1,000th day of creating my daily art.0001-Book-cover

This was from day 1:  (April 23, 2012)005-Day-1-copy

Early days: 007 008

This one’s a crowd favorite – “A near brush with death.”  – I love puns (Actually competed in the world championships of pun-slinging)


I sculpt too…


My first welded piece:

My first (and only) bronze sculpture
Wood carving:

Some life drawing –023 029031

My little brother’s dog passed away: 032

My first custom commission — He wanted “Something with a bat, a cat, and a hammerhead shark”037039048

I used to be (guess I still am) a photographer… and I do the occasional photo-art.  This one’s from 2007, before I was painting on a regular basis.

This is a recent set of examples of something that started with a photo:
(Self portrait)


Some of the girls:2015-08-31-A-girl-and-a-dragon-1sm 058 060 056 057 59 055 054 053 052 050 051 2015-04-06-40x68-smirking-girl-sm 2015-08-29-Strong-woman-sm

I grew up on Sci-Fi –  l love it very much.
65 2013-02-17-Warrior-fighting-a-firebreathing-snake-sm 2015-01-03-The-Astronaut-sm2015-06-24-Male-Angel-sm2015-08-20-Einstein-sm

The first piece I got into a gallery:

I do some 3D:2015-02-17-Tigger-with-guns-sm

Messing around with Fractals – people seem to dig it:
Some self portraits:2015-08-26-Symmetrical-portrait-sm 62 63 64

FoI’m a lot of fun – even my pics are entertaining

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