Harambe The Gorilla painting by Ori Bengal

Harambe-at-Gladys-Porter-Zoo-before-being-relocated-to-Cincinnati-ZooHarambe the Gorilla turned 17 on Friday (May 27th) – The next day he was shot by Zookeepers.  This is not a post to say who’s right or wrong (the internet seems to be doing plenty of that). This is to honor Harambe with a painting.

This is a Western Lowland Gorilla, in its natural habitat.

I painted this yesterday, a day when something very special should be painted.  Why? Because yesterday was my 1,500th consecutive day of creating a new work of art every single day!

Other than breathing, I can’t think of anything I’ve done for 1,500 days — every single day (There are days I don’t sleep. Days I don’t poo.  Days I don’t tell a joke.).

I’ve got a great audience on Facebook (If you don’t follow me, you probably should… I’m entertaining, and you get to see the daily art.), so I asked them what I should paint to celebrate the 1,500th day.  Many said Gorilla.  So… here we are.

The original is 48″x32″ on Canvas. This was 100% freehand – no tracing or anything like that.   Here’s a video of the painting being made, if you want to see the painting process (sped up a few thousand percent).

Closeup of the Harambe The Gorilla painting by Ori Bengal

Harambe The Gorilla Painting Process

Harambe The Gorilla painting by Ori Bengal

Show off your love for the amazing western lowland gorilla with this stunning painting.

All versions are Gicleé prints (museum quality archival inks and materials, so that this painting will last long enough to leave to your offsprint)- which will look so vibrant when you see them in person. You’ll also see way more detail and texture on them in person than on what you see here on your screen.