You Win… I Hopefully Cry Less.


Recently (Wednesday, January 11th) a 4 Terabyte External Harddrive stopped spinning up.  It makes for a lovely paper weight, but not much else. I’ve made this pretty diagram for you to show you how much 4 Terabytes will hold.

The primary thing that it doesn’t show is the tens of thousands of hours that it took to acquire and create these millions of files and memories.

I am heartbroken. I am feeling nauseous.  I am losing sleep.  I’m thinking of the irreplaceable memories (travel photos, pictures of my niece doing cute things when she was an infant, videos of my formerly living dogs playing, etc..).   The only reason that I haven’t collapsed into the fetal position and had a mental breakdown is that at least I didn’t lose all my art files.

I’ve been creating a new work of art every single day since April 22, 2012, and that creation has become my purpose, and a very large part of my identity. My art I had on another harddrive, but I did lose photos of clients with their paintings and sculptures, and a bunch of “Making of” videos that showed my art being created.


I MUST get my harddrive repaired. Sleep loss, stress, loss of productivity, grief… All things that normally are not part of my world. It is costly (especially for such a large amount of data), and I just moved from Tucson, AZ to San Diego, CA. Sadly, I can’t just take the drive to the shop without raising some funds.

People have been asking for prints of my art for years.. But I’ve been too busy making more art to make a proper “Store” that makes it easy for people to browse my art, and choose the ones they like. After years of trying out different labs and printing partners I found a few that I can trust with my life (and reputation), and just figured out how to integrate them into this site, so people can buy whichever image they want.

I was literally in the process of setting this store up when the Great Harddrive Catastrophe of 2017 happened.

Here is where I need your help. It’s going to take me forever to get the 2,000+ images uploaded, and configured into the store.  I was going to do that over the next month or two.  BUT…. All 5 years of art are posted on Facebook, in albums. Those take mere minutes to browse.

You can scan through those (If nothing else, you’ll see a bunch of really cool art, and my evolution as an artist), see if there’s any images that you would like. Click like on those, and comment “I want this one” , and then I’ll know which ones to add to the store first.  There is no obligation.  You’re just letting me know which ones you’d want on your wall.

The images will get added to the store, and you’ll receive a link to them, as well as a coupon code for 20% off your order as a thank you for helping me open the store’s doors sooner, and for helping save the years of memories and work that can hopefully be recovered.

Just click on the buttons below. Each one will open up a Facebook album that contains all of the art from that year.  Let me know which which images you’d like on your wall, and I’ll message you back with the store page, and a coupon code for you.

I can’t thank you enough, and can’t wait to ship my art to you.

He's the first artist to make me understand what it's like to fall in love with art. His work is the epitome of heart and soul and charisma. It's playful and energetic and spunky and, well, it's Ori.

Kelly Clements

Chicago, IL, The Entreprenewer