HELLO FELLOW VEGAN! Or.. Is it something else? I'm new.

Howdy!  Below is the official bio… But… If you’ve met me and got this URL, it means that you are awesome, and I would love to connect- so hit me up!

Text: 305.528.5583 – Just make sure you let me know you’re a Vegas Local, and I’ll give you 50% off of custom arwork during the month of March (the month I moved here, yay!) – But I’m also down to just hang, so feel free to text for human reasons, not just art!

Here: Check out my art book!

Ori Bengal is a creative force of nature. He paints, sculpts, carves, welds, plays with his food, solves business problems… If something is placed in his attention, he will apply inhuman amounts of creativity towards it… Although most who meet him remember him for his ability to brighten the day with his kindness, uniqueness, and bad jokes just as much, if not more than for his art.


Bengal’s obsession with story telling and people has landed him a reputation for making people cry when they receive a work from him, due to his ability to understand what is special to each person. His reputation also spans his work ethic and dedication – despite being a lifelong artist, Ori has created a new work of art for over 4,300 days, and continues to push himself towards ongoing improvement.


He says, “I strive to live an adventure worth telling,” and accordingly his life plays out like an action-comedy, where he does the outrageous. Most recently Ori landed his portfolio on the moon with Galactic Legacy Labs, SpaceX, and Intuitive Machines on the very first commercial lunar landing in all of human history. His work was the very first NFT distributed to and collected by British Parliament at the House of Lords, he has done work with such legends as Alice Cooper, Snoop Dogg, Scott Page, and has helped such foundations as Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation, Miss America, and the Rodney King foundation, and is always seeking ways to use his powers for good.


Ori has worked with just about every medium of art that there is, including holograms, photography, videography, motion graphics, 3D, fashion/print/web design, NFT, and Augmented Reality. He can create work any size (from stamp to a building-sized mural), and having the diverse tech and design background that he does, can output the work in multiple formats to solve any commercial need, not just beautiful and creative portraits.

Ori can be found online at TheArtOfOri.com and on most social media platforms as TheArtOfOri. To get a good feel for his art and stories, his art book can be downloaded at https://TheArtOfOri.com/artbook – and a more diverse portfolio can be seen at https://TheArtOfOri.com/portfolio