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What can I do to your picture? ¬†Well… Let’s use me as an example:

In the above painting, I took a little bit of liberty with my abs… So you’re not limited to how you actually look.

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Not me ūüôā

The Ori Experience

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Here I am with the Williams family. ¬†Anslee had trained for months on her new routine. ¬†It was one of her very last recitals before she retired her dancing shoes… She’s been dancing since she was 4. ¬†I came to Augusta, stayed with them for the weekend, brought my camera, and went with them to her recital where she won the gold medal. ¬† And now, she’ll forever have a one of a kind painting to remember that ¬†moment… As will her Dad… I can make you additional prints of your one of a kind piece.

Jeremy values nothing more than his little boy, Freedom. They took a trip to Clearwater Beach in Florida, where they had me join, explore with them, and capture the magical moments where they bonded.

I’m Pretty Well Known For My Pet Portraits